Licking Valley Driving School
224 Granville Street - Newark, Ohio 43055 - 740.349.7946
Mon - Thur
10 AM - 5 PM
10 AM - 4:30 PM
For more information call:
Conviently located on Granville Street just off State Route 16, the Licking Valley Driving school is easy to find... Click here to check out the maps

Licking Valley Driving School offers instruction and services for both adults and teenagers, including:

simplified maneuverability
temporary permit
classroom instruction
remedial courses
driving instruction

Adult Classes
Registration 7:30 am, Class 8am-5pm
Fee is $100 cash or money order
Must call ahead of time

Juvenile Classes
Registration 8:30 am, Class 9am-4pm
Fee is $100 cash or money order
Must call ahead of time

Check out our commercial for more info...

Newark Location: $340 (with certificate)
.....Our highly skilled Instructional staff is one of the most experienced in the area. With many years of instructional experience, we have probably taught many of your friends and family to drive.